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The correct use of electronic scales and precautions


The correct use of electronic scales:

1 Please place the electronic scale on a stable and flat table or floor, and do not place it on a table or stand that is unstable.

2 The power switch is located at the bottom right of the electronic scale. When the power is turned on, do not place items on the weighing pan, and warm up the machine for more than 2 minutes before use (the longer the warm-up time, the higher the accuracy). If the weight is not zero just after starting up, wait for a while, or reset to zero after restarting.

3 The "zeroing" on the electronic scale means that after weighing an item, the next time it is called a different item, it will be zeroed, and the electronic scale will re-measure and calculate the price.

4 Tare [Tare] is the basic function of electronic scales. Its accurate use is to place the weighing containers on the weighing platform, such as small basins, and other auxiliary items. On the scale, then press the "Tare" button, the weight value is replaced with the zero of the electronic scale, and the weight of the item placed subsequently is displayed as the net weight value.

5 The electronic scale is a kilogram scale, 1 kilogram = 1000 grams = 1 kilogram = 2 kg. 50g=1 tael.

Precautions for the use of electronic scales:

1It is strictly forbidden to rain or rinse with water. If it is accidentally exposed to water, wipe it with a dry cloth. When the machine is not functioning properly, it should be repaired as soon as possible

2 It is strictly forbidden to knock, impact and press

3 Do not place in high temperature and humid environment (except for special waterproof anti-corrosion scales)

4 If the electronic scale is not used for a long time, wipe the machine clean, put it in a desiccant and wrap it in a plastic bag, and use a dry battery to remove it. Otherwise, the battery will rust, which will corrode the electronic scale.

Solutions to common problems of electronic scales:

1. "Please upload the report to..." appears. Solution: enter the background → select "Settings" → select "System Parameter Settings" → select "Set as stand-alone" → select "Yes"

2. Print a part of the receipt every time an item is weighed. Solution: Enter the background → select "Settings" → select "System parameter settings" → select "Print beforehand" → select "No"

3. The cash drawer cannot be opened by pressing the [Open Box] key. Solution: Enter the background → select "Settings" → select "System Parameter Settings" → select "Open drawer for non-transactions"

4. The solution of "single amount exceeding bounds" appears: check whether the item is placed on the scale, if it is, check whether the [return to zero] key is accidentally pressed and the weight becomes zero. Move the item out of the scale, press the [Clear Key] twice, and then press the [Return to Zero] key