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The correct use of electronic scales

Date:2017-12-01 10:54:57

1 please put the electronic scale on a flat, flat table or ground. Do not put it on an unstable desktop or platform.

2 the power switch position electronic scale at the bottom of the lower right. When the power is turned on, do not put the items placed on the scale, before using engine more than 2 minutes (the longer the higher the precision of engine). If the start weight is not zero, wait a moment, or reset the machine.

3 on the electronic scale "zero" is called after a kind of article, the next time it is called different items, will be zero, the electronic scale will be re measured, the price.

4 is peeled buckle the basic functions of electronic scales, it is to use accurate weighing platform container help weighing for example, small pots, and other auxiliary items will help auxiliary container weighing on the scale, followed by "peeling" button, the weight value into electronic replacement the scale of zero, then, put the items on display for the weight of net value.

5 the electronic scale is kilogram scale, 1 kg =1000 gram =1 kilogram =2 Jin. 50g=1 two.

Use note:

1 no rain or water rinse, if inadvertently wet with dry cloth to wipe clean, when the machine is not functioning as soon as possible to repair

2 no strike and heavy pressure

3 no place in high temperature and humid environment (except for special waterproof anticorrosion scale)

4 if the electronic scale is not used for a long time, the machine must be cleaned, and the desiccant is packed in plastic bag, and the dry battery should be used. If the battery is rusty, it will corrode the electronic scale.

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